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Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law is a wills lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah. The law has a plan for those who die without a valid will. Under Utah law, if you die without a will, assets and property will be divided among your relatives under intestate succession laws. It depends on who you leave behind, but if you die without a will in Utah, you may learn that people you care about may be left behind and not inherit your estate without a will. Furthermore, intestate succession doesn’t specify who gets what, and this can lead to long-drawn-out battles if family members dispute who should get what. In order to make sure that your legacy and wishes are preserved, a will is required.

For those who want a say in what happens to their estate, and who administers it, a valid last will and testament is a necessity. In your will you can detail your own wishes regarding who inherits from you, when they can inherit, and if there are any conditions for inheritance. You also decide and name the person(s) you trust to administer your estate.

Having an experienced attorney prepare your will is always worth the investment. While some people may choose to use online templates to write their will, an online template won’t take into account more complicated or unique financial situations. Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law is a wills lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah, who can take the time to understand your unique situation, understand what is important to you and your family, and help you with your will. We can review and update a will if you already have one, and we can review your situation to determine whether a trust may be more appropriate. If a will isn’t properly written or signed, it can face problems during probate. Call 801-964-6901 for a free consultation. Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law is a wills lawyer who can take you through the will writing and signing process—from start to finish.

Living Will Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Living Will or Advanced Healthcare Directive allows you to make future healthcare decisions that will be enforced should you be unable to communicate with your healthcare providers due to a future accident or illness. It also allows you to appoint another person, typically a spouse or adult child, to make healthcare decisions for you should you be incapacitated. If you don’t want to leave your medical care up to your family taking a vote in the hospital hallway as to what should happen if you become too ill to make these decisions yourself, a living will is also an essential part of the will and end-of-life planning process. Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law is a wills lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah that can help you.

Power of Attorney Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

A power of attorney can be useful in many situations. It is often, however, misused or misunderstood. A power of attorney does not give a person authority to administer the estate of a deceased person. The power of attorney dies with the principal. A power of attorney does not take power away from the principal to act on his or her own behalf. A power of attorney may be canceled or voided at any time. It is always a good idea to get competent legal advice on the preparation and use of a power of attorney. Basically, a power of attorney grants a trusted individual the ability to manage your financial matters should you become too ill to manage these matters yourself. The wills lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah at Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law can help you with a power of attorney, help you understand its limitations and uses, and help you assign a trusted family member to care for your financial life should you become too ill to care for these matters yourself.

Guardianship Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah 

A guardianship is put in place when a person can no longer care for him or herself. This may happen when a person becomes too ill or disabled to manage his or her financial affairs, medical affairs, and other decisions. Because guardianship takes away a person’s important freedoms, it can be very difficult to put one in place. Severely disabled individuals may require guardianship to protect them from being exploited and to protect their financial and physical well-being. Sometimes individuals who have progressive illness understand that at some point they may need guardianship. These individuals may work with a guardianship lawyer ahead of time to appoint a guardian for when the time comes. If you or your family has questions about guardianship, reach out to the guardianship attorney in Salt Lake City at the  Stephen J. Buhler Law Firm.

Draft a Will Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah 

Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law is a Salt Lake City, Utah wills lawyer who can help you with your will and estate planning needs. Need to draft a will? Need to review a will that has been written or update a will? Reach out to Stephen J. Buhler: Attorney at Law in Salt Lake City, Utah today.

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